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It took three years from concept through overfunded Kickstarter to release on OUYA and Steam to our launch tomorrow on Sony PlayStation’s PS4 and PSVita. It’s a big day for us being the indie game developer who could. Woohoo!

Whispering Willows


Stick and Chick is an epic and funny hip-hop shooter filled with guns, chicks, beatboxing, stick figures and more guns. Animax recently launched Stick and Chick for free in the Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch devices and on Google Play for Android tablets and mobile phones.

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2014-10-13 18_17_49-Game Connection

Whispering Willows has been nominated as a finalist for Game Connection Europe. Game studios from around the world are attending and competing in front of judges from companies like Sony, Rovio, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, and Namco Bandai. We’re in the running for the categories “Best Storytelling.” “Downloadable Game,” and “Casual Game.” If you’d like to meet up with producers David Logan and Leif Dahl, they’ll be taking the trip to Paris where the competition is being held. We can hardly wait!

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4V6A5579 Animax worked with Georgia Aquarium to create Sea Turtle Quest, an interactive touch screen game that is displayed in the sea turtle section of their aquarium. Answer trivia questions about sea turtles to help your baby turtle avoid obstacles and make it to the sea safely.

“It was great to work with Animax on such a cool project.” – Jerry Harris, Sr. Director Exhibits, Georgia Aquarium


Casual Connect was an incredible success. Producers David Logan and Leif Dahl attended to showcase Whispering Willows. On day 1, David Logan spoke to attendees about the game’s development in a talk titled “Whispering Willows: Funded with Passion.” On day 2, Casual Connect held the Indie Prize Showcase where Whispering Willows was featured. It won “Best Story Award” and was a finalist for “Best Art” and “Best Desktop Game.”

Even though the week was exhausting, lots of new industry friends were made, and we now have a new trophy to add to the collection!


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Whispering Willows

Animax Producer, David Logan, is speaking today at Casual Connect about “Funding #Games with Passion” — and it’s his birthday. Wish him a happy one after he drops some knowledge on you. He’s going to do a deep dive on the process of making Whispering Willows from Kickstarter to our recent launch on Steam.


The award-winning horror puzzle game Whispering Willows is now available for download on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and it’s on sale for a limited time at 33% off.  The game has been over a year in the making and represented a colossal effort for us. It’s got lush illustrations and animations produced with Unity3D.  Tell your gamer pals to download it now!

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The Producer’s Guild of America New Media Council held their first web video screening series called #PGATUBE for members and others in the industry. Producers from the guild showcased their latest web videos- from indie live action, to animation, to video game trailers. Former PGA NMC chairman (and Animax CEO) Michael Bellavia was the emcee of the event and kicked it off by interviewing Maker Studio’s Paul Cochrane.

The screening featured a variety of genres and speakers including:

Jason Horton (@jason_horton) – Freaky Friday the 13th
Phillip Wilburn (@phillipwilburn) – Discovering America
Chrissy Swinko (@omg4reals) – Corporate
W. Vito Montone (@wvitom) – The Pain of Sitting Still
Jason Scherbert (@squadrontv) – Fallout: Lost/Found
David Logan (@nightlightgames) – Whispering Willows
Nate Clark (@nateclark) – Somewhere in Palm Springs
Moderator: Michael Bellavia (@animaxent) – Where’s My Water? & Knock Knock Animals


David Logan, Producer at Animax