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Seems like Cirque Du Soleil isn’t so creative after all! The new name of their NYC show is the same name Animax uses for its employee newsletter – Banana Shpeel – and we used it starting in 2007!

Even though we’re not in the circus, we do bend over backwards for our clients.

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and courtesy of you can let your loved one or want-to-be-loved-one a special Valentine message using our Heart-o-matic Message Maker. That’s a big name for a small little ecard app that lets you play with and arrange calorie-free candy hearts to form a message. Lots of fun words in there to mashup.

There also is a new, free Valentine puzzle game with a whole new set of tricky Valentine photos to puzzle through.

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Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg have been on ESPN Radio for 10 years now and as part of the celebration they are replaying a bunch of their best clips. One of their top moments was the Emmy win for the animated series Off-Mikes that Animax Entertainment produced. Here’s the clip from the show where Mike & Mike generously pat Animax on the back. Thanks guys and congrats on the anniversary!

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Inc. Magazine just highlighted Animax in an article about Social Media employee policies. In general our policy is pretty liberal in that we’d much rather focus on being part of the conversation than on controlling the kinds of things employees or connected folks say in particular. Our policy organically developed as we started to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media for marketing for Animax,, as well as on client projects. One caveat: since we’ve produced a lot of kids focused work there are definite differences in approach to conversations in order to ensure security and safety.

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With superlatives like “excellent” and “innovative,” Animax Entertainment just won three Pixie Awards for a mix of our original animation productions and client work. Popzilla and Bob & Doug won Platinum level awards (the highest honor), and then Joint’s Don’t Jump won Gold. The awards represent the work of many animators and in particular many Flash animators working together.

(Sorry if the Pixie Award image) is NSFW but hopefully you’re okay reading this blog post.

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One of the newest online games Animax Entertainment developed is live in Petpet Park, the Neopets offshoot virtual world. Octoball is a cool variation of the classic carny skeeball game. In Octoball there are a bunch of different balls each with their own unique spins and performance enhancers. Try your hand at a toss or two.