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After the success of the first series of shorts we animated for Sony and NBC for the hit TV show COMMUNITY, Animax was asked again to produce another short on a tight timeframe. “Miracle on Jeff’s Street” involves all the Community cast in a ‘celebration’ for the holidays.  This time there’s a surprise ending that took it to a whole other level.

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Star Wars Uncut – Entering the Dark Place

We just submitted our scene to the Emmy winning film series, Star Wars Uncut. Our scene features Yoda and Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back. We took a little inspiration from Waking Life for the approach to the animation. Oh, and we even squeezed our banana logo in there which Luke stares at towards the end of the clip.

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Do you play Disney’s hit mobile game Where’s My Water on your iPhone, iPad or Android device? Well, now there’s an animated series featuring Swampy called Disney Where’s My Water Presents: Swampy’s Underground Adventures. Animax is writing and animating the series that debuted online on and YouTube. And the great news is that the series is airing on Disney Channel too.

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Episode 2 – Steveboard

Episode 3 – Office Therapy

We are happy to report that we have made it to episode 3 of our new web series Bad Hybrid.

New episodes will be released every other Sunday, so don’t forget to subscribe to Mondo Media‘s YouTube. You can also look forward to new content every week by liking us on Facebook or following us on our Twitter. You’ll have access to things like wallpapers, games and early sketches for all of the characters.

Don’t forget to play around with the Steveboard over at MondoShows.Com. Make your own Steve phrases and post it on our wall!

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You wanted more games?  You got it!  Following up the successful football game on Scholastic’s site, we just built new basketball and baseball games based on their sport line of books.  In basketball, aim your shot to try to make as many baskets as you can in the time limit.  In baseball, hit as many home runs over the fence as you can before getting struck out!

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Animax’s new show “Work Horse” is the first ever live action show through Mondo Media.  The show is about a horse and her daily trials and tribulations around the office.  In this first episode Work Horse is called in to speak to HR about some dirt they found on her Facebook.

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Holy ‘mole, Bad Hybrid is now going to be a regular show on Mondo Media!  With over 100,000 views on the pilot episode, the Mondo audience has spoken and they love Bad Hybrid!  You’ll be seeing a lot more of Steve and Fern!

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Hey, sports fans.  We just launched a new game for Scholastic’s sports line of books. Run down the field avoiding obstacles along the way — everything from tires to defensive linebackers are in the way.  Keep your fingers nimble and don’t fumble the ball.

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Bad Hybrid launched on Mondo’s YouTube channel.  The Animax produced cartoon is called “The Fast and the Furryous”.