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If you like little hamsters, toys, bright colors, cute things and little squeaks, then you will love the new Zhuniverse that just launched.  Explore the world, dress up a room, play a game, watch the new movie trailer and more in this immersive, fun website for kids of all ages.

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The 39 Clues

Animax Entertainment has been working on a transmedia project for Scholastic called The 39 Clues. We’re in the midst of developing several new games to launch with the new book Medusa Plot series coming out at the end of the month. These 3D Flash games integrate into the rich story that takes kids from print to online to mobile and beyond.

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KidScreen’s iKids conference yesterday was great.  Lots of solid insight into the iPhone, iPad and Android market for apps with a particular focus on kids media.  Met with reps from all the main digital ebook developers, game studios and even some brands.  Got us going on some ideas for some of the apps we have in the works.  More to come.

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We’ve been kind of quiet here but that’s because we’ve been busy working on a new animated TV pilot.  Got the order a few weeks back and now in the thick of pre-production.  So far things are going great and will let you know more hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Animax President Michael Bellavia is speaking at the upcoming INplay conference in Toronto.  #inplay11 As of now he’ll be on the Across the Universe panel which will be a mock development meeting.  Very fun. Calling all Canadians – If you’d like to meet up let us know.

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AOL paid media attention to Smokey Bear today by featuring the wildfire prevention icon on their homepage today along with Disney’s Bambi.  Animax has been on the campaign now for almost a year.

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The Play Asterisk Free Sweepstakes just launched.  Go to the anti-steroid campaign Facebook page, take the pledge to play sports steroid-free and enter the sweepstakes for a chance to win US Olympic Committee and Team USA branded gear.  We are working with the USOC and the Ad Council on the multi-month social media marketing campaign across Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
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In lead up to Toy Fair and Valentine’s Day, Animax worked on some new digital promo spots for the kid-friendly online virtual world and entertainment hub,  Stay tuned for more updates too.

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Animax’s agency division just launched a small revamp of Worx Toys main site.  The new toy company has a line of interactive vehicles and books targeted to boys.  More updates will be coming to the site soon in lead up to and following NY Toy Fair.

Animax will be at Toy Fair – let us know if you want to meet up to discuss any online projects you have in the works.

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