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We concepted and produced an animated video series for Healthy Lifestyle Choices and their new Behavioral-Health Curriculum for children. The videos highlight positive ways for kids to set and accomplish goals, eating healthy, decision making and positive expression.  The webisodes also introduce the new faces of Healthy Lifestyle Choices: The Case Crusaders.  The Crusaders are actually the school trophies who come to life and help students solve problems.  Check out the videos and the activities.

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The site for Terra Nova, Fox’s new dinosaur themed show, launched with a series of Facebook connected games.  The four games mix gameplay mechanics inspired by titles like GeoWars, Finger Twister and even an augmented reality version of the classic Simon memory game.  See if you’re chosen to enter the lottery.

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Fox’s new Steven Spielberg produced dinosaur show launches next month but the Terra Nova website just went live.  Take the quiz to enter the lottery and walk with the dinosaurs.  More games and content are rolling out in the coming weeks in run up to the TV show’s 9/26 launch date so stay tuned.

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If you like little hamsters, toys, bright colors, cute things and little squeaks, then you will love the new Zhuniverse that just launched.  Explore the world, dress up a room, play a game, watch the new movie trailer and more in this immersive, fun website for kids of all ages.

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The 39 Clues

Animax Entertainment has been working on a transmedia project for Scholastic called The 39 Clues. We’re in the midst of developing several new games to launch with the new book Medusa Plot series coming out at the end of the month. These 3D Flash games integrate into the rich story that takes kids from print to online to mobile and beyond.

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We’re also working on the the social media effort for the Ad Council and the American Heart Association’s Hands Only CPR effort.  Take 60 seconds to watch the video at or, if you have a little more time and are a lover of disco, watch this video featuring Ken Jeong, star of NBC’s Community and the blockbuster movie, The Hangover.



Hands Only CPR


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It’s Men’s Health Month and Animax is helping the Ad Council and AHRQ’s Healthy Men campaign raise awareness of the importance of men getting their preventive medical tests. Here’s an easy way to send Dad a Father’s Day card or to send a short reminder to any guy in your life who you think has been neglecting their own health – the ecard campaign site is called Get Dad to the Doc.  Do it for them.  Do it for yourself.  Send an ecard today.

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KidScreen’s iKids conference yesterday was great.  Lots of solid insight into the iPhone, iPad and Android market for apps with a particular focus on kids media.  Met with reps from all the main digital ebook developers, game studios and even some brands.  Got us going on some ideas for some of the apps we have in the works.  More to come.

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Got an iPhone, iPad or an Android phone?  Now you can download a free Smokey Bear app that Animax built for the Ad Council.  Learn the proper way to build and put out a campfire, download wallpapers and connect with Smokey Bear across all his social media channels.  Animax continues to work on the social media marketing campaign — in a year that’s seen devastating wildfires, it’s been key to get Smokey’s wildfire prevention message  anyway possible, on Facebook, Twitter and even now via a mobile app.

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Almost forgot…  We’ve also been working on another top secret project — developing a new iPad app for a classic kids brand.  Will let you know when it launches so you can run out and download it.