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Animax will be speaking at both the upcoming 140 Characters Conference in Los Angeles and at CTIA in San Francisco as part of the PGA New Media Council’s mobile sessions.  at the 140 LAX event we’ll be leading a session on deploying social media to further the goals of non-profits, with a particular focus on our work with Smokey Bear via Twitter and Facebook.  At CTIA, we’ll be moderating a panel focused on mobile animation.  Let us know if you’d like to meet up at either event.

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Bravo’s Top Chef just got a new Facebook connected game called Basic Training.  The new social game is a collection of cooking drills that gauge your skills in recipe recall, knife skills, and presentation.  When you think you can cut the mustard, play in competition mode and play all three drills back to back.  If you’re good enough you might be able to get ranked on the leaderboard, earn virtual goods in the form of medals and badges, brag to your friends by posting on your Facebook wall and maybe impress Padma and Tom.  So, soldier, do you think you’re up to the Bravo Top Chef Basic Training challenge?  Play now.

Animax has developed numerous social games lately with a mix of promotional marketing related ones as well as profit driven ones.  Our initial experience in the social gaming space was with virtual worlds and we continue to be active in the space — we are currently developing three different ones in addition to a couple Facebook connected games.

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Animax Entertainment‘s rank on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America this year is 632 – not as high as last year’s top 500 rank, but still pretty good given the roller coaster ride going on in the economy at large.  Congrats, team Animax.

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Animax has been running the Smokey Bear social media effort for the Ad Council, the USFS and the State Foresters this past month and it’s honestly been a fun and rewarding adventure.  So much so we wanted to point out that Smokey just turned 66!  If you haven’t friended the Bear, please do so right now or follow him on Twitter!  Only you can prevent wildfires.

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My Mini Peeps Virtual World

A new  virtual world for kids is on the scene: MyMiniPeeps from the folks over at Masher Media. As opposed to some of the more traditional kids virtual worlds and games built in Flash, MyMiniPeeps is a Unity 3D world, with a full walk around experience.  It’s in closed beta right now so email the Masher Media folks if you’re interested in taking a gander.

Animax Entertainment had a hand in building the site.

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Animax Entertainment just helped the Ad Council and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) launch a contest with a grand prize of a trip to Hollywood to the Voice Awards.  The contest is now accepting submissions of videos and written essays that reveal meaningful stories about friends helping another through recovery from mental health problems or during a particularly hard time in their lives.  Recovery from mental health problems happens in a society of acceptance. Friends can make all the difference by just being there and offering support, friendship, strength and acceptance.  The contest hopes to have more of those stories come to light.  There are also a bunch of Flip MinoHD™ cameras available as runner up prizes so get that video camera out or start typing and enter the contest today!

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Little Pim Word Bag iPhone app

The Little Pim Word Bag iPhone app is still getting positive coverage from the press and blogs. Just today Celebrity Baby Scoop posted about it. Please note, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Justin Bieber are not in the app but the last we checked, they are celebrities. Animax Entertainment developed the app but has nothing to do with those famous people.

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Stay tuned for a unique UGC video effort in the next few weeks to support the What a Difference campaign for people living with mental illness—and their friends.  The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in concert with the Ad Council have developed a multimedia public service campaign to encourage, educate and inspire 18-25 year olds to step up and support friends they know are experiencing a mental health problem.  You’ll soon have a chance to help lend your voice to the cause and show your support to a friend living with mental illness.

Campaign for Mental Health Recovery – Dude Got Back

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