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Check out the first installment of, “The Children of the Skies” sci-fi novel series. A special group of humans are given abilities by an unknown energy wave that hits the planet. What will these humans do with their new abilities? Will they push mankind into a new world of peace or will the usher in the apocalypse?

Animax worked with Noraj Picture Company to put together this sneak peak of the new Science Fiction Graphic novel, Children of the Skies.

A behind the scenes look with J. Everett Bettis, author of Children of the Skies, as he visits Animax Entertainment.

Animax worked with Hallmark‘s SpiritClips broadcast VOD TV channel to produce an original animated short film that is a parable all about teamwork and gratitude.  Treasure in the Snow takes place in Antarctica and is about a seismologist who must decide whether to save a penguin or find shelter before a dangerous storm hits.

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The “Scotchy Scotch Toss” mobile game (iOS and Android) lets you play a good ole fashioned game of scotch pong against Ron Burgundy, Will Ferrell’s character in “Anchorman 2“. Animax created all of the original art and animation in the app for Paramount that includes over 300 taunts and phrases from Ron himself. In covering the app and the overall campaign Adweek sayid “Anchorman 2” is “changing the way movies are marketed.”

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Instead of yet another series of product walkthrough videos, Pipelinersales wanted to explain the benefits of its CRM software tool with a branded content approach. We helped conceive the shorts and the different scenarios that would best highlight what makes a good salesperson a great one. We struck a balance with explaining the the product benefits with keeping the series of shorts entertaining.

We produced this animated short film for Hallmark‘s inspirational VOD channel, SpiritClips.  The Legend of Oscar features an ostrich with big dreams of soaring high into the sky, but too bad ostriches can’t fly. Or can they?…

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After the success of the first series of shorts we animated for Sony and NBC for the hit TV show COMMUNITY, Animax was asked again to produce another short on a tight timeframe. “Miracle on Jeff’s Street” involves all the Community cast in a ‘celebration’ for the holidays.  This time there’s a surprise ending that took it to a whole other level.

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The FWD campaign by USAID and the Ad Council raises awareness about the famine, war, and drought threatening millions of lives in the Horn of Africa.  For the campaign, Animax revived “Arnold Speaks” and produced a video where Arnold pontificates about FWD (  We were able to use this animated original content to drive social media views and engagement which resulted in over 25,000 views for the video alone.  The video helped drive over 100 million impressions for the campaign.