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Whispering Willows has been nominated as a finalist for Game Connection Europe. Game studios from around the world are attending and competing in front of judges from companies like Sony, Rovio, Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, and Namco Bandai. We’re in the running for the categories “Best Storytelling.” “Downloadable Game,” and “Casual Game.” If you’d like to meet up with producers David Logan and Leif Dahl, they’ll be taking the trip to Paris where the competition is being held. We can hardly wait!


Casual Connect was an incredible success. Producers David Logan and Leif Dahl attended to showcase Whispering Willows. On day 1, David Logan spoke to attendees about the game’s development in a talk titled “Whispering Willows: Funded with Passion.” On day 2, Casual Connect held the Indie Prize Showcase where Whispering Willows was featured. It won “Best Story Award” and was a finalist for “Best Art” and “Best Desktop Game.”

Even though the week was exhausting, lots of new industry friends were made, and we now have a new trophy to add to the collection!


Whispering Willows

Animax Producer, David Logan, is speaking today at Casual Connect about “Funding #Games with Passion” — and it’s his birthday. Wish him a happy one after he drops some knowledge on you. He’s going to do a deep dive on the process of making Whispering Willows from Kickstarter to our recent launch on Steam.


The award-winning horror puzzle game Whispering Willows is now available for download on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and it’s on sale for a limited time at 33% off.  The game has been over a year in the making and represented a colossal effort for us. It’s got lush illustrations and animations produced with Unity3D.  Tell your gamer pals to download it now!

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Whispering Willows, a horror puzzle game from Night Light Interactive that features beautiful 2D visuals and a haunting, well-spun narrative, has launched on OUYA. The game will be available on Steam on June 17. Watch the launch trailer for Whispering Willows HERE.

In Whispering Willows, players take on the role of Elena, a young girl with the extraordinary power to project her spirit outside of her body, as she explores the shadowy, atmospheric world of the Willows Estate. As a spirit unbound by physical form, Elena can traverse otherwise-unsurmountable obstacles and interact with other ghosts to piece together the dark history of the house – but she will have to use both her spectral and physical forms in order to solve puzzles to escape the rooms, navigate through the sinister estate, and find her lost father.

The game has already won a number of honors for its atmosphere and story, including winning the Seattle Indie Gaming Competition in 2014 and the Cerebral Indie Developer Grant in 2013.Whispering Willows also placed as a finalist in the Captivate Conference Game Design Competition, and won “Most Immersive” at the 2013 OUYA CREATE Game Jam.

Animax developed the game using Unity3D.

Download PC/Mac/Linux version here
Download OUYA version here

Animax is partnering with Night Light Interactive to create WHISPERING WILLOWS, a horror puzzle game that features a dark and rich narrative, lush painterly 2D visuals, and haunting melodies that will leave you yearning for more. The original game has been under development for close to a year thanks to a very successful Kickstarter crowdfunding (130% overfunded) and additional seed financing from OUYA, the new game console that can be found at Target and other retailers. Willows will launch on the OUYA console, PC, Linux, and Mac via Steam (as a result of garnering 10,000 pledges). The game, developed in Unity, will later launch on Android and iOS. The emotional story unfolds over a series of chapters, each more intriguing than the last with the gameplay becoming more complex as the player explores deeper into the backstory of the storyworld. In the game you play as Elena, a teenager searching for her missing father, exploring a haunted mansion where he used to work as a groundskeeper. Against challenging odds and working through unconventional puzzles you have to help Elena navigate other-worldly obstacles. The game mechanic has a unique cooperative element where Elena must collaborate with an ethereal version of herself in order to escape the rooms and help Earthbound ghosts find their final peace. Before the game launched it won “Most Immersive Game” in the OUYA CREATE Game Jam and it was a Finalist for both the Grand Prize and the coveted “Pop Your Eyes Out” award as well.  It also won the First Place award in the Seattle Indie Game Competition and was the recipient of an Indie Developer Grant from Bundle in a Box.