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In addition to a ton of very positive Twitter comments about our new MTV TV show called Popzilla, there has been an enormous amount of press about the show. Here’s a sampling:

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There is a sneak preview of Popzilla tomorrow night! Get your TV recorder ready to watch the whole series on MTV.

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Fun Nugget Officially Launches Today! Animax Entertainment is proud to release this family friendly game and video portal featuring fun nuggets hand picked by the Animax team. The site features fan favorites like our classic Tic Tac Toe game, an updated animated version, and lots more.

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POPZILLA has a launch date on MTV: Monday, September 28th at 6:30PM. Make sure you set it up on your TIVO, DVR, Boxee, Torrent, iTunes, or your plain ole TV to catch the show because a new episode will air every day at 6:30PM.

Popzilla is an animated sketch comedy show focused on celebrities, fame, the not so famous, wannabe famous and also rans of music, TV, movies, politics and beyond. And it’s produced by Animax Entertainment so of course we’ve fallen in love with it.

Here is the official press release.

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As part of Advertising Week in New York City, Animax Entertainment‘s Michael Bellavia will be participating on a panel entitled Animation and Advertising. The panel will explore the current and future state of animation, storytelling and visual effects on Madison Avenue. Ask a provocative question Wednesday, September 23 at the Paley Center for Media.

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Animax‘s Tucker Aaron is leading a panel at the Engage Expo entitled “Leveraging Virtual Worlds to Engage and Monetize.” The conference itself is all about games, virtual worlds, and social media. If you’re attending let us know and we can meet up.

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Home Media Magazine asked Animax‘s Michael Bellavia six questions about the future of digital distribution, streamed content and home entertainment. Get the answers to the future here.