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Animax continues to work on a variety of social media marketing and web development projects for the Ad Council.  In particular :

  1. Smokey Bear – we’re continuing to manage the social media marketing efforts for Smokey.  He just reached 30,000 fans on Facebook.
  2. US Olympic Committee – pretty soon we’re going to be launching a Facebook driven sweepstakes to help teens realize that steroids aren’t an answer to being a better athlete.  P90X enthusiasts we hope you get behind the campaign.
  3. EPA – we’re giong to go through a redesign of an Asthma education site – stay tuned.
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Animax just helped Healthy Lifestyle Choices with a creative design and character development initiative.  We developed a whole new cast of characters, a story bible and other assets that the non-profit will use to help empower youth with the knowledge and skills practice to make healthy choices for a lifetime.  In the coming weeks, the new characters will start being integrated into their nationally distributed curriculum materials.  HLC’s aims are to address issues that are currently getting a lot of media attention – everything from conflict resolution to bullying to healthy eating and exercise to substance abuse.

It’s always good when Animax gets to help good.

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As even Hitachi, puts it “Today’s IT infrastructure can be a complex and often accidental architecture made up of servers, switches and storage devices from multiple vendors.”  Animax just helped to make it a little more understandable in a series of animated videos.

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The Fun Nugget games portal now has new games in lots of categories: puzzle, trivia, action, kids and more.  There are Facebook Like buttons on all the content now too.  You can also play Tic Tac Toe Trivia, our most popular game, right on Facebook – it’s our latest social game.

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UC and Crohns

Animax helped Starlight with a front-end and back-end update to the UC and Crohn’s site.  The site helps teens better understand the physical, social, and emotional implications of having the diseases which can be pretty rough to live with.

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Hey there animation folks – Animax is heading to the Ottawa International Animation Festival and in particular the Television Animation Conference (TAC).  Let us know if you’d like to meet up.

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Sometimes Animax clients are a little shy and don’t want us talking about our work with them. So let’s just say we worked on another popular kids virtual world recently developing new features for it.  We also worked on an iPad app for kids.  Kids play with the “darndest” things these days.

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Animax will be speaking at both the upcoming 140 Characters Conference in Los Angeles and at CTIA in San Francisco as part of the PGA New Media Council’s mobile sessions.  at the 140 LAX event we’ll be leading a session on deploying social media to further the goals of non-profits, with a particular focus on our work with Smokey Bear via Twitter and Facebook.  At CTIA, we’ll be moderating a panel focused on mobile animation.  Let us know if you’d like to meet up at either event.

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Bravo’s Top Chef just got a new Facebook connected game called Basic Training.  The new social game is a collection of cooking drills that gauge your skills in recipe recall, knife skills, and presentation.  When you think you can cut the mustard, play in competition mode and play all three drills back to back.  If you’re good enough you might be able to get ranked on the leaderboard, earn virtual goods in the form of medals and badges, brag to your friends by posting on your Facebook wall and maybe impress Padma and Tom.  So, soldier, do you think you’re up to the Bravo Top Chef Basic Training challenge?  Play now.

Animax has developed numerous social games lately with a mix of promotional marketing related ones as well as profit driven ones.  Our initial experience in the social gaming space was with virtual worlds and we continue to be active in the space — we are currently developing three different ones in addition to a couple Facebook connected games.

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Animax Entertainment‘s rank on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing private companies in America this year is 632 – not as high as last year’s top 500 rank, but still pretty good given the roller coaster ride going on in the economy at large.  Congrats, team Animax.