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The Producer’s Guild of America New Media Council held their first web video screening series called #PGATUBE for members and others in the industry. Producers from the guild showcased their latest web videos- from indie live action, to animation, to video game trailers. Former PGA NMC chairman (and Animax CEO) Michael Bellavia was the emcee of the event and kicked it off by interviewing Maker Studio’s Paul Cochrane.

The screening featured a variety of genres and speakers including:

Jason Horton (@jason_horton) – Freaky Friday the 13th
Phillip Wilburn (@phillipwilburn) – Discovering America
Chrissy Swinko (@omg4reals) – Corporate
W. Vito Montone (@wvitom) – The Pain of Sitting Still
Jason Scherbert (@squadrontv) – Fallout: Lost/Found
David Logan (@nightlightgames) – Whispering Willows
Nate Clark (@nateclark) – Somewhere in Palm Springs
Moderator: Michael Bellavia (@animaxent) – Where’s My Water? & Knock Knock Animals


David Logan, Producer at Animax

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