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Million Puppet March

Posted by: 11 Jul 2013

We WERE the Internet zeitgeist with the Million Puppet March movement that was born out of social media. Animax joined forces with the upstart movement that was founded out of the presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney to show support of public funding for public broadcasting such as PBS.  On November 3rd, 2012 in Washington D.C., Million Puppet March had a rally to defend U.S. backing of public broadcasting.  In an attempt to be the “biggest ever assemblage of puppets in one place,” thousands of puppets and people rallied with overwhelming support.  Animax created animationsmusic, and mobile applications for the web, Android, and iOS devices. All told the movement was one of CNN’s top 10 events that shaped the election that season and it garnered millions of media impressions literally around the world.

Campaign Outcome:

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