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Animax in 3D

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 28 Aug 2006 Comments: 0

Today we debut Animax Entertainment’s 3D division. To see one of our first projects, take a look at the newly launched Disney Motion. Motion is a really elegant broadband video portal that showcases Disney’s treasure trove of animated and live-action content. There are behind the scenes highlights, music videos, trailers and more. It’s particularly fitting that the 3D animated D-Bot debuts in a video featuring Brother Bear 2 which stars Animax’s very own Dave Thomas and his partner Rick Moranis reprising their roles as the mooses (or is it moosi?)

And no, Animax Entertainment is not abandoning Flash or 2D character animation in any way whatsoever, especially since we have a bunch more Flash projects in the works right now that we’ll be letting you know about in the coming weeks.

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