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Flash Video on Meteoric Rise

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» Flash’s Meteroric Rise in The Last Year; Second Biggest Player Now [by Rafat]
Mercury News has a good and somewhat overlooked story about the meteoric rise of Flash as a Web video player in the last one year or so…with big sites like YouTube and other video sharing sites using Flash as a standard, and using it to stream its shows online, it is now hoping to cash in on the explosion of online advertisers, who are using video, as well as Web entertainment sites that post TV shows embedded with commercials – and content on mobile devices. Flash has soared from zero to No. 2 in its market in just two years, according to Paul Palumbo at Accustream iMedia Research. Microsoft’s Windows Media format is the leader, handling 60 percent of all streaming video in 2005; Flash has 19 percent of the market, jumping ahead of RealNetworks at about 10 percent and Apple’s QuickTime, with about 8 percent. Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said he’d like to see the company develop download and DRM software, as well, so it can provide the backbone for delivering movies online, though he said he does not want to walk into the DRM patent minefield. Story 2: Adobe’s new strategy is a project code-named “Apollo,” which will be something of a technological mash-up that will blend key strengths from Adobe and Macromedia of the PDF, Flash Player and HTML Internet language. It will allow developers to create programs for people to access and work on, such as a mortgage loan agreement or online travel service, online and off, with changes seamlessly syncing with the Internet version once they are connected again.

How it affects the distribution of online content will also be intresting to see develop….

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