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Ink Is It url Naming Strategy

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 02 Mar 2007 Comments: 0

Animax Entertainment is truly an American idol for many reasons up to now – our work truly sings. Okay, that was a shameless stretch to help with organic search in Google and other search engines. But it raises an interesting issue with respect to odd ways to help your search engine rankings.

When we set up the site we also bought a bunch of other urls – being an obvious one but we also bought urls that were written on props or in the set backgrounds of our videos or even key phrases that our hosts, Nathan and Max, said. For example:

We even bought a couple urls we hope nobody ever finds – and All of these redirect to all in the name of supporting the new Kodak printer launch. Get ready for a new video on Monday – it’ll be a real inky mess.

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