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OMMA Next Week

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Michael Bellavia, GM of Animax, will be speaking at OMMA in NYC next Monday on the Advertising Track. The session is entitled Video Assets Online: Producing the :15, :30, :60: 2:00 and 8:27 Spot – Online, a thirty-second spot can turn into sixty seconds. A movie trailer can run for two minutes. A chicken on a motorcycle can do a dozen sixty-second jumps, as long as he hangs onto the audience’s attention as well as the handlebars. On client sites, as well as and Google Video, “inventory” for video is frictionless, like shelf space at How is the production process for video across all platforms changing with the new distribution opportunities online? Is video for TV being edited for online, or is digital video created with an eye towards all channels? Is there a future where video for online will be cut down for TV? The other speakers include: Daniel P. Harris, CEO MediaPass Network; Mark Sitley, Partner and Managing Director, Beyond Belief ; Stephen Axthelm, Managing Director, Axcess Media (and a business development partner of Animax); and Patrick Moorhead, New Media Producer, Avenue A | Razorfish.

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