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Smokey Bear & Betty White

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Animax has been working with the Ad Council for the past few months on the social media campaign for the wildfire prevention icon, Smokey Bear.  In just a few months, we’ve helped Smokey double his Twitter following, increase his Facebook fans by 50% and double views on his dedicated YouTube channel.  Along the way we had some nice mentions about the social media effort itself.

It’s been helpful to have some nice press-worthy events to promote like the big one today.  Emmy-winning actress, comedienne, and animal-lover, Betty White, became an honorary Forest Ranger.  Probably the highest point for her in a year where she’s been riding the highs of SNL, Facebook stardom and all the other well-deserved accolades.

Overall it’s gone so swell, that we’re staying on board for awhile more.  Go Team Smokey, Go!

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