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Terrible News!!!!!

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 09 Jun 2006 Comments: 0

Net Neutrality no more. Waaah. Well not yet for sure but the House passed it. The junky thing is that in a concession to the telephone and cable companies, the legislation does nothing to prevent the phone and cable providers from charging Internet content providers a premium for carrying services like video offerings that could rival those of the telecom companies. At least there was some reasoned thought: “The imposition of additional fees for Internet content providers would unduly burden Web-based small businesses and start-ups,” said Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader. “They would also hamper communications by noncommercial users, those using religious speech, promoting civic involvement and exercising First Amendment freedoms.”

How do you think Bush weighed in? The White House issued a statement on Thursday supporting the House legislation, saying it would “promote competition in both video and voice markets.” Typical.

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