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This is Hilarious

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 19 Jun 2006 Comments: 0

Brother Bear 2 is on its way to a DVD player near you on August 29, 2006. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprise their roles and the McKenzie Brothers-esque moose. The truly amusing thing is that as part of the marketing program new versions of online materials are being released. We actually created the original online Moose Dancing game for Disney and now there is a Japanese version heating up the internets. Curious about the trailer? Dave and Rick are the main focus of it and of course it’s funny. The moose sing in it which is nice but not a real surprise as Rick was nominated for a Grammy Award last year and Dave and Rick were also nominated for a Grammy for: The Great White North Album. You can catch the trailer to Brother Bear 2 on the Lady and the Tramp DVD or you can see it here:

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