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Virtual Goods Market Size

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 21 Aug 2009 Comments: 0

Forbes, in its Intelligent Tech section, has an article by Sramana Mitra covering the rapidly growing virtual goods market. Animax gets a nice call out in the article, but we’re a little perplexed about why Mitra finds the trend to be a disturbing one. It’s like we commented:

“Not sure why you find the rising virtual economy a disturbing trend. A virtual good is really no different than a physical good — it’s just comprised of pixels instead of plastic. These new forms of goods can be anything from an emblem of status to an emotional expression — basically they aren’t too different from real world baubles and trinkets … Animax Entertainment helps our clients take advantage of some of the opportunities around virtual goods and virtual worlds to unlock new revenue streams.”

But you guys already knew that, so we’re basically preaching to the choir.

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