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Wiki of TV?

Posted by: In: Uncategorized 02 Jul 2009 Comments: 0

Huge news this week. The future of TV for everyone will be served from one uber DVR. It’s as if the Library of Congress held every TV show ever made, no matter how obscure, and you could access it anytime, anywhere, on any platform.

The implications for advertisers and the advertising industry are enormous. If I (as a rabid television consumer) can voluntarily engage with any kind of entertainment content I want, without ever having to see an ad, how do advertisers get their brand stories to foster that same kind of voluntary engagement? It starts with the advertiser’s product or service being remarkable enough that an equally remarkable story can be crafted and told by their agency that would compel me to voluntarily engage with it as well. Agencies aren’t usually known for being master storytellers so they’ve got an uphill battle ahead of them.

There will be more coming out on this very subject from Animax Entertainment in the near future.

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